Choosing the right look of makeup style for your wedding day is just as important as choosing your wedding dress.

Your Wedding day is so special and exciting! It is truly the day that is just about you and all the new beginnings of your life that lie ahead. You are about to marry the person that you love in front of all your friends and family – so you need to be looking your best for one of the most memorable days of your life!
You want to feel radiant, light and glowing on your day. Shona will help you make it the most special day of your life. So many women spend months looking for the perfect dress and only a few moments deciding on the makeup look for their special day. That day and how you looked will be captured in photos forever, so it’s important to put on your best face with no mistakes. After all, you are the centre of attention on your wedding day.

Why leave your look to chance?

Contact Shona for an initial consultation, which will establish the basis for Shona to achieve your desires and dreams when the big day comes. Let Shona show you what can be achieved, and reassure and excite you that you will be looking magical when your wedding day arrives.

Shona is only too happy to accommodate your wishes as to your venue of choice, for the application of makeup to you and your bridal party. Choose a place that allows you to relax, soak up the hype of pre-wedding preparations, and is free of interruptions. Shona can travel to where ever you are located for your wedding day ranging from the stunning Northland, to the beautiful Rodney area.

Shona specialises in Bridal makeup, and her services are engaged for a lot of Wedding Parties around the beautiful Northland and Rodney area. She has extensive knowledge not only about makeup but also about the area she is based. Shona is more than happy to assist you with suggestions of special locations to capture your Wedding Photos, but also cafes, restaurants and other fun things to do!

Perfect Add Ons for your Wedding Day

Eyelash Extensions

Shona specialises in eyelash extensions to help enhance your eyes for that special occasion.
Find out more about eyelash extensions here.